About the Towing Services Industry

Towing Services industry comprises of operators who help tow light or heavy vehicles and machinery from one place to another. They also provide emergency services like roadside repairs and storage. The towing industry forms an important part of the road network and transport system. Broadly, following are the services you can expect from a towing service.

The towing services help in the following circumstances:

Breakdown towing: As the name suggests, this service helps in cases of breakdown and help in removal of vehicles from the road. These services are generally provided by big companies specialising in roadside assistance and the owner of the vehicle has full discretion to choose a company they like.

Towing in cases of crash: The towing services in such cases pertain to the removal of vehicles from the road damaged as a result of crash or accident. Unlike breakdown towing, towing services in cases of crash are regulated and provided by a set of accredited drivers with authorised towing vehicles.

Towing for law enforcement services: Such towing services are provided in cases of crash, vehicles seized by police officers, vehicles that are wrongly parked on the road, or the vehicles that have been impounded due to a traffic law violation.

Policies Governing Licences For Tow Truck Operators

A tow truck operator must acquire a licence to operate a business involving towing of motor vehicles. This licencing system has been put into place so that the members of the community know that the business operating a tow truck service is approved by the government and will work within the guidelines set by it.

Licences are provided in the following two categories:

  • Towing in case of accidents
  • Towing for trade and breakdowns

When a licence is granted for accident towing, the operator can undertake all kinds of towing. However, with the trade and breakdown towing licence, the operator can only attend to breakdowns and not accidents.

Next, you would need a towing authorisation to undertake a towing job unless the towing job has been requested by a police officer in case of accidents.

To be eligible for a towing licence, you must fulfil the following terms and conditions:

  • You must be 18 years of age.
  • You must be physically fit to drive
  • You must meet the requirements with regard to the business premises, vehicle, and the insurance.

The validity of the licence may range from 1-3 years as determined by the appropriate agency.