How Newcastle Tow Truck Service Works

When you contact Newcastle tow truck, just let us know your precise location and where would you you want your truck to be transported to. Whether you want it to be brought to a repair centre to fix the issue or you simply want it sent back to your base or a warehouse, we will do it for you quickly and efficiently in the shortest possible time.

We account for the fact that most of times, the trucks are loaded. This, coupled with their own weight can present unexpected challenges. However, our towing vehicles, and equipment is modern and designed to deal with any kind of situation. We employ flatbed trucks to transport smaller and lighter trucks. Then there are bigger heavy-duty trucks to transport bigger, heavier, and loaded trucks.

For trucks that are stuck in trenches or places from where they cannot move at all, we have specialised equipment to pull them out before transportation.

Our growing fleet of transport trucks and equipment are supplemented by a real-time tracking system. Our team members are trained to be friendly, professional, and competent.

No matter what sticky situation you might find yourself in, we will go all out to assist you in moving your truck and trade vehicles safely and securely.