Towing is a specialised skill that requires a good working knowledge of the towing vehicles. The vehicles that need to be towed may vary in size, weight, and length. This in turn affects the performance, maneuvering, and acceleration of the towing vehicle. So the drivers driving the towing vehicles need to be experts in their job.

There are certain rules and regulations that regulate the towing services. They are briefly enumerated below:

  1. No more than one trailer can be towed at a time.
  2. The vehicle being towed should be empty and no one should be allowed to sit in it or man it.
  3. If there are no traffic lights in an area, the towing vehicle should be at least 60 meters behind other vehicles, unless overtaking.
  4. Only accredited drivers are allowed to operate the towing vehicles. No one else, should drive them.
  5. The towing vehicle must be thoroughly checked before put into operation for any issues that might render it incapable to tow a vehicle.
  6. The tow bar on the towing vehicle must be properly fitted and marked with its rated capacity. In addition, the bar should clearly indicate the following:
    • The make and model of the vehicle
    • Manufacturer’s name
    • The part number for the manufacturer
  7. The tow bar should not protrude when a vehicle is not connected as this may be a potential safety hazard.